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Rainfall, Skilpad section, Namaqua National Park:

April 2012: 13.71mm
May 2012: 14.74mm
June 2012: 86.62mm
July 2012: 35.30mm
August 2012: 66.53mm (to date)

The flowers have responded well after the recent good rains.

Pietsnot (Grielum homifusum),and Meidestert (Lapeirosia sp.) are now coming into their own. Dominant species at Skilpad is the orange daisies (Ursinia cakifolia), with patches of white and blue sporries. Numerous other daisy species and Gazanias is also reacting well to the rainfall.

The road from Skilpad to Soebatsfontein is very striking for the last 15 km before Soebatsfontein. Please note that you will need a high ground clearance vehicle for this road.

The flowers at the coast is spectacular for their variety, particularly close to Groen river and then all the way to Spoeg river. This section is strictly for 4x4 vehicles only!

The road to Skilpad, with the 4 km just before the park, is one of the best drives around.

It would seem that all over Namaqua there is an improvement.

The access road to Skilpad has taken a bit of a hammering with the recent rains but is drivable with normal sedan vehicles.